Friday, January 27, 2012

My Report on my Annual Jane Austen Tea Party! (yes I know I am a month late in reporting this!)

I have some events that I need to write about that happened in December. The first is, of course, my Jane Austen Birthday Tea party that was held on Dec. 14th (her actual birthday is Dec. 16th). So we will call this “catching up time”! 

As I mentioned, we had our Jane tea party on Dec 14th, due to the fact that Thursdays are “Grandma Day” at my house and it takes me a day to recover from that, so Wednesdays are the best day for me.  I have such great friends that are Jane Austen enthusiasts, which humor me and make it fun for all. 

This year I even had 2 cuties dress up with me, which is not required and is above and beyond, but they were adorable! 
My adorable daughter in law, Suzi, with me.  We are doing, what we now in our family affectionately call, "a Suzi pose". 

Caitlin Porter, the second biggest Jane Austen fan (next to me...or maybe we are tied)!

We even had a trivia contest and the prize went to Kim although it was a hard fought battle that went into a 3 question over time, due to a tie on the quiz.  Kim won the prize by answering the final question of “What was Jane’s sister’s name?”  The answer is Cassandra. 
Nancy, Leslie, Kim (the winner), Lori, Joan, and Teresa
(starting from the front and going clockwise),LaDawn, Sheli, Diana, Suzi, Rochelle, Bonnie, and Marie.  Marie is the only "Jane Austen heathen" here that I am trying to convert. 
But when she won, no one was surprised, since she had studied Jane Austen at Oxford University!!! 
Carrie. Anita, Ora, Caroline, Caitlin, (Dorothy was here but had to leave before I remembered to take a group shot)

I served chicken salad, egg salad and cucumber sandwiches, berry tarts, lemon cookies, creame(no I didn't spell it wrong, this is how it is spelled in England) wafers, strawberries, scones with clotted creame and fruit preserves, a variety of teas and a pot of wassail. 
Anyway, it was a fun day, with great friends, great conversation, great fun and I love my friends who like to come every year. 

If you are a Jane Austen fan, I highly suggest you start this tradition!