Friday, November 4, 2011

The Perfect Journal Suggestion-easy and fun!

I love catalogs!  Well, not every catalog but there are a few that I love to get and look through.  I am basically a sucker when there is ANYTHING dealing with Shakespeare, Jane Austen, books, gardening supplies and grandkids stuff. 

One of my favorite catalogs is Bas Bleu (pronounced: bä blu͂ ).  I recently found something in there last catalog that I found very intriguing.  It is a 5 year journal.  Now you may ask, what is so different about this?  The difference is that this one has a different question on each day and all you have to do is answer the question.  In answering that question, you are able to record little snippets of your life that when finished with the 5 years, you will have recorded quite a bit of information about your life! 

Some of the questions are:  “When did you last hold a baby”, “describe the room you are in right now”, “where do you go for good ideas”, and “how could today have been better”.  Some of the questions are quite thought provoking that I have found it hard to fit the answers in the allotted room of the page. 

I have tried several types of methods of journaling before but without long-term success because I feel it is important for various reasons.  The first reason is that it is good for me to be able to look aback and remember things that happened to me in my life that may not have been “momentous”, but worth remembering, that I would have otherwise forgotten.  Another reason is that someday, some of my posterity may be interested in what I was like or did during my life.  Not that I have done anything wonderful, but I have loved ready stories left by my ancestors and wished there were more.  Just reading about their everyday life is interesting because it was so different from how I live. 
Click here to go to their web site if you think this is a product you may be interested in.

Let me know if you have found an easy way to journal that works for you also.  So far I have been doing this for 2 weeks and that is the longest I have kept a journal regularly since I started trying to keep a journal 36 years ago!  Happy journaling!