Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Tough Movie Review

This is a hard one to review. My husband has been trying to get me to this movie for a couple of weeks but I have been able to avoid it until last night. I knew "The Boy In the Stripped Pajamas" was based on a book but due to the subject, I had never read it, although it has been highly recommended. And due to the subject I knew it wouldn't have a happy ending (you know I need a happy ending!). But the ending was much worse than I ever anticipated!

Here is the basic story: Time is WWII in Germany. Brunos' father is promoted to be a Commandant of a concentration camp, so the family moves out to the country for the new post. Through a number of situations, Bruno inadvertently comes upon the camp during his explorations of his new home and there he meets a boy, the same age as he is and they become friends. Brunos' parents have completely shielded him from the situation so he has no concept of what is happening around him and to his new friend.
As the movie progresses he begins to learn about the Jews, his fathers role in the camp, and what he is being taught, and he is very confused. At the end, he tries to redeem himself for a mistake he made against his friend (Shmuel) he sneaks into the camp to help Shmuel find his father who has gone missing. However, it is the day that Shmuels' barrack is to go to the gas chamber.
The frantic search of Burnos' family and then the realization of what has happened to him is gut-wrenching. I haven't stopped crying about it everytime I think about it.
The movie is beautifully made and very well acted. Although, two of my favorite English actors were in very evil roles, so now I have to go watch them in the "happy" movies to get the pictures of them out of my mind.
So, I recommend it but with very great reserve. It is not one I will ever watch again and it will probably take me several days to get over it and stop crying.
I am curious, if you have read the book, is this how the book ends? Let me know. SOOOOO Sad!


Tami Allred said...
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Tami Allred said...

Did Bruce like this movie?
speaking of movies I just watched one with your favorite - Colin Firth and thought of you. I did not like this movie at all "When did you last see your father?" It was a let down for me. Not one to watch with my 15 yr. old daughter either.

Jan said...

I have the book if you would like to borrow it. I read it last January. It sounds like the movie sticks pretty close to the book. The book is written as a fable (of sorts). I don't plan to see the movie, as I have enough sadness in my life. I would love a list of some of your favorite light, fun comedies. I always appreciate the movies you recommend. Oh, I signed the petition for Pushing Daisies and also had my family sign it. I hope they keep the series going as it is the most clever show on tv right now!