Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Pictures of the Train Garden

So now the final step of getting the train up and running was getting all the props added to it. I trimmed all the bushes to look like trees, then added all the villagers and animals. I hope you can see some of them. There is a wedding going on at the church, a snake oil salesman in the village square, Passagers waiting at the train station. By the school we see kids playing. On the farms we see all the animals and on the mountain are all the forest animals.
Town square

Another shot of the aquare

The blacksmith and general store

Church with wedding
Hope you enjoy seeing it while I have fun playing in it

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KatieJ said...

I love the one of the square that looks like you are there in the little town. I think you really do go out there and move the people around every day and play.