Monday, July 6, 2009

Part of the Reason for the Fall of the Roman Empire!

A couple of weeks ago I heard a commentator quote the Roman Emperor, Diocletian (Emperor from 284-305 AD). I was surprised that something that was said hundreds of years ago was so applicable to us today. The quote is: “Give them bread and the circus and that will suffice”.

Emperor Diocletian
That is exactly what our Government and the mainstream media is trying to do to, so we will not pay attention to what is really happening in Washington DC. Today, for the most part, most Americans are well fed, and we are overly entertained, with our TV, computers, Theaters, iPods, iphones, DVR’s, movies, sports, etc. So much so, that we don’t really know what is happening in the world that is affecting our everyday lives. And that is what “they”, i.e., the government and the media, want. They don’t want us to be aware of the destructive decisions that are being made or trying to be made every day!

I know for a fact that watching too much politics can be depressing, but we need to know enough about what is going on in order to have a voice and to try to stop the decisions that are not good for the country. Washington thinks as long as they give us free healthcare, food, education, etc., and the mainstream media thinks that the death of an entertainer is more important than our country’s problems, that we won’t care to pay attention to what is happening in the world. For some, this may be the case, but we need to stand up and let the politian’s know how we feel and that it is not all right to take away the basic freedoms that we have.

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