Friday, July 24, 2009

A few years ago a wonderful German movie came out called "Mostly Martha". It was released at the time of Martha Stewart's very unfair prison time so I think many movie buffs missed it thinking it had something to do with her. The only thing it had in common was that the main character is named "Martha".

This movie is in German and has sub-titles, which may turn some off bout DON'T LET IT!!! It is set in a restaurant where the head chef, Martha Klein, is the master of her kitchen. She is unexpectedly thrust into taking care of her niece when her sister is killed in an auto accident. It is such a touching, funny, romantic move. There is one scene where Mario, played wonderfully by Sergio Castellitto is feeding a blindfolded Martha some soup and she is trying to guess the ingredients. It is probably one of the MOST romantic scenes in the history of movies!
All of the actors are great. Now if this sounds familiar, yes it was remade in the USA .

The remake, "No Reservations" was ok, but I say watch the original first because it is SO much better. They only changed a few things but they were BIG things and I liked the original story, it didn't need to be changed.

WARNING!!! DO WATCH THIS MOVIE WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY!!! You will be STARVING when you are through and eat everything in sight!


Tami Allred said...

I loved Mostly Martha and refused to watch the American remake.

Kim said...

Love, love, love that movie. I especially love the scene where the guy orders the steak rare and keeps sending it back to the kitchen until Martha comes out with a butcher knife holding a raw steak and slams it down in front of the guy.

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