Monday, July 13, 2009

My Favorite Things...

Besides loving my family... church...and country...yada, yada, yada....

I love great (well made), and GOOD (happy endings only!), movies. I feel a good movie is like a good book and it needs to be in my "library". So I tend to have quite a few movies.

Here in AZ it has been over 110 degrees for several days and will continue to be for a couple more months. I'm not complaining, I love the heat, but it does mean I don't spend as much time out in the garden or in the car driving (because the car never cools down). So I tend to spend more time reading, on the computer, or watching a good movie. So I thought I would share some of my favorite movies. I have my very favorite movies listed in categories and they are separated from the alphabetized list of all the movies in my library.

Naturally I will start with the "Shakespeare" movies. Now if you are a purest, you may not like all the movies on my list. I am not saying these are all GREAT movies, they are just all the "Shakespeare" movies that I have seen and have in my collection. Some of them are on the list simply because they are variations of Shakespeare's plays. Some are geared to just teens, but I think that is great if it introduces them to the Bard!

The list is Alphabetical, not in order of preference, however, I will star my favourites on the list:

1-A Midsummer's Night Dream (edited, too much skin in original, but edited it is fun. Christian Bale and Anna Friel are great! )
2- A Midsummer's Night Dream (Re-told) (Series of 4 plays re-told in modern day settings-lots of fun!)
3-*** As You Like It( Kenneth Branagh version-Love this one! Never released in the USA but Dallas Bryce Howard was nominated for an Oscar for her performance of Rosiland)
4-***Complete Works of Shakespeare-Abridged (filmed version of the stage production. Lots of fun!)
5-***Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh version-great, but it does have some "skin")
6-***Hamlet (Mel Gibson version-also great!)
7-*****Henry V (Kenneth Branagh version-the greatest Shakespeare movie ever made of any of the plays!)
8-In Search of Shakespeare-Documentary on the Bard
9-***Julius Caesar (With Marlon Brando...need I say more? It is fantastic!)
10-*****Looking For Richard-Documentary on the play "Richard III" that won an Oscar for it's category. Al Pacino and friends dissect the play. It is fascinating and very informative.
11-Loves Labours Lost (Kenneth Branagh version-fun but not a classic. He turned it into a musical with Cole Porter and George Gershwin music.)
12-Macbeth-Filmed stage production with Judy Dench and Ian McKellen-very good!
13-***** Macbeth Re-told-Excellent re-telling in the modern setting of the competitive world of chefs. James McAvoy is REALLY great as Macbeth.
14-***The Merchant of Venice (I have an edited version--Joseph Fiennes is so good as Bassanio, and Al Pacino is Shylock. Really good!
15-*****Much Ado About Nothing (Kenneth Branagh version-LOVE IT!!!!)
16-Much Ado About Nothing (Re-told)-Again re-set in modern times, a fun watch.
17-Romeo and Juliet-(Baz Luhrmann version-very interesting, and yes DiCaprio is quite good as Romeo.)
18-Shakespeare In Love (edited version-again Joseph Fiennes....YUM...need I say more?)
19-She’s the Man-Fun teen version of "Twelfth Night"with Amanda Bynes
20-Strange Brew-VERY loose version of Hamlet but also for teens. My kids were shocked when I informed them that one of their favorite "goofy" movies was a Shakespeare rip-off.
21-********Taming of the Shrew-The greatest!!!!! Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are the best Katharina and Petruchio ever!
22-Taming of the Shrew(Re-told)-Another in the series of re-told plays in the modern day settings. Great fun!
23-Ten Things I Hate About You-A fun take on "Taming..." Heath Ledger is cute in this. Kind of a guilty pleasure one for me.
24-*****Twelfth Night-Trevor Nunn directed this version and it is FANTASTIC!!!! Nigel Hawthorne is a great Malvolio!
25-William Shakespeare-Biography (From the Biography Channel)
Now that is my list that I have collected so far. If I am missing one, I would love to hear from anyone so I can continue to complete my collection.
Happy summer viewing!


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davidandsuzi said...

I love the family picture! When can we snag some copies?
p.s. Sorry, the only Shakepeare related movies I can stand to watch are "Romeo and Juliet" and "Clueless". Is that bad? Am I still welcome in your presence?