Saturday, July 18, 2009

Great Idea...Wrong Location Harry Potter!!!

I just read that they are building a "Harry Potter" theme park entitled "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter". Now this is a wonderful idea, (by the way "Half-Blood Prince" is excellent!), but I am not happy about where this park is going to be. It will be at Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando Florida. Don't get me wrong, I love Orlando, but this park needs to be in Great Britain!
Part of the magic and the success of the books and movies is that it is all English! The author, locations, actors, everything is so English! It will lose a lot of the magic for me having it in Florida. I would go to England just to go to this park alone if it were there, but I won't go to Florida just to enter "Hogwarts".
Here are some of my suggestions as to where the best locations would be for this theme park:
1-Scotland...pretty much anywhere in Scotland would be magical!
2-York or the Yorkshire area...just because it is my favorite place in all of England!
3-Pretty much anywhere in Great Britain would be better than putting it in Florida.
The question you may be asking is will I go to the park next time I am in Florida? HECK YEA!!! I will just be comparing it to what it could have been if it had been located somewhere in Great Britain!
Maybe if it is successful enough they may open another one in the UK in the future. HOPEFULLY!
Here is a link to the Official web-site about the park, Check it out:


davidandsuzi said...

Hmm. I am with you on the strange location. I wonder if it will be cool?

jordiegirl said...

I suspect they chose Universal because Warner Bros. make the movies.

It would be nice if they made an English one though as all the books are set in England.

I agree with your ideas - anywhere in Scotland or Yorkshire - I love both those areas.

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