Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This secret treasure is a movie that has it all!!!

In 2003 the movie "Bon Voyage" was released but it took a while to make it to the USA. It is a French movie and there are very few that make it "across the pond". This movie however, was worth the wait and I am willing to wait again if we can see another French movie as great as this one!
There are only 2 actors that you will probably recognize, Gerard Depardieu and Peter Coyote, but there are many others that after watching this, you would wish you could see again and again

The story is set in France, shortly before the Nazi invasion of Paris during WWII. There is a murder within the first 10 minutes and then the suspense, intrigue, comedy, and romance never stop until the very end.

There are delightlful characters that you will love, and delightful characters that you will love to HATE!!!
You may also learn something about "heavy water", what it is used for and the need to keep it out of the Germans hands.
In the end, all ends as one (me) would hope. One warning, it comes with sub-titles but that is also a plus, because that means you may have to watch it more than once to enjoy it completely!

Try to find this movie and you will agree with me when I say...VIVA LA FRANCE!!!!!!

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