Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Death made entertaining!

Only one month left until the season premiere(10/1) of one of the best shows ever made for TV. That is "Pushing Daisies". If you didn't see it last season before the writers’ strike, you will want to watch the first 12 episodes so that you start up to date on the story line, and you can do that online:
(if you don't want to watch last seasons episodes, click on the "Starter Kit" and it will give you a great background on what happened last season.)

Pushing Daisies is about a man named Ned (Lee Pace) that can make dead people come back to life for 1 minute, then he has to touch them again to die or someone else in the near vicinity will die in their place. He and a partner have made a “business” out of solving murders because of this slight edge they have over their competitors. Ned also has a pie restaurant that he also works at and a childhood sweetheart, Chuck (Anna Friel), that he brought back in the first episode, but alas, they can’t touch or she will die again.

It is the best written, best acted, and the sets, and costumes are so beautiful. There are other interesting characters in the show like the aunts of Chuck (the sweetheart), and the pie makers employee, played by Kristin Chenoweth and the partner, Chi McBride. Don’t wait to see the season opener. Watch last season FIRST!!!!

"Pushing Daisies" and "The Office" are the only two network shows that I watch and "Pushing Daisies" is by far the better of the two!
If you have seen it leave your comments so others will see how great this show is!


davidandsuzi said...

David and I love this show! I believe you introduced us to it...of course. This is one of the rare tv shows that David will watch! If any of you posting have reservations, DON'T! It's the best!

KatieJ said...

Definately the show I am most looking forward to- and Sam doesn't complain when it's on either- watch it!

Tami Allred said...

I loved this show and dvr'd them till the olympics booted them off since I had over 100 hours of various recordings. darn! I'm excited for the return as well.

Dorkys R. said...

I reeeaaally wanted to watch the first season and then for some reason I was too busy/ it slipped my mind and/or life took over. I'm seriously considering catching up on Season 1 this month though!

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