Monday, September 22, 2008

Birds are for the BIRDS!!! This is why I hate them!

My dislike of birds goes back to my childhood when I first saw the movie “The Birds”, (one of the scariest movies ever, even my kids won’t watch it, they just mock me for being afraid of it). That is when I was introduced to the fact that they are just biding their time to hurt us as humans. Then a few experiences with birds confirmed this.
First, my husband and I were in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center. I was sitting in an open area eating lunch when a bird came and attacked me, forcing me to drop my sandwich. He then turned around and flew back and picked up my food and flew away!!! Proof enough but…Then came the black birds that keep stealing the “props” out of my train garden, especially the tombstones from the church graveyard. I am still finding tombstones around the yard where the birds dropped them.

Next were the pigeons. They are everywhere here in Mesa AZ. We have chased them from one corner of our roof to another for over 3 years, cleaning up their messes along the way! They’re messes are worse that pets! I finally called a professional and I think we have them gone! But I feel guilty because they have gone to all of our neighbors roofs. So the problem hasn’t left. They are just waiting… waiting… waiting… but for what???? If it can happen in Bodega Bay, it can happen in Mesa.
PS- I do love hummingbirds.


AZTraveler said...

I think getting rid of all these horrid pigeons and crackles would be a GREAT Eagle Scout Project!

Tami Allred said...

I'm sorry your birds are so annoying. I hated the crows when we lived there. I didn't realize that there were so many pigeons. I'd be ticked too if they touched my toys and hard work.
I love the birds out here. I even have a feeder so I can watch them. My favorite has been the cardinals, morning doves and the chicadees. Luckily the geese are not a problem at our home, but I've heard from others how much they hate those big honkin birds.