Tuesday, July 29, 2008

North Carolina is so beautiful, will the kids ever want to come back to AZ?

I had the opportunity to fly back to North Carolina with my daughter in-law, Suzi last week. David, my son had left a few days earlier to drive all their stuff back to Winston-Salem NC where he began medical school this week at Wake Forest.

We did a lot of unpacking (I mainly was "banking" baby time) but they also took some time to take me around to see some of the sites. We first went to “Renolda House” built by RJ Renolds in 1917. It was a beautiful house but the best part were the formal gardens. Here are a couple of pictures taken in the gardens. It is amazing how green everything is. We kept hearing how dry it was but I had a hard time believing it.
Another day we went to “Old Salem”. It is in downtown Winston-Salem and it was originally settled by Moravians from the Czech Republic that immigrated for Religious freedom and established a church community in the Mid 1700’s. They have restored several buildings and have demonstrations in some of them showing how life was like in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. Again it was so beautiful. If you are every in the area I recommend you see these two sites. They were both breathtaking.

It was so beautiful that I began to worry that they may not want to come home to Arizona when he finishes school. But then, I can visit...often!