Friday, August 1, 2008

"I was country, when country wasn't cool...."

Remember that old song, "I was country, when country wasn't cool"? I have loved ABBA for 30+ years and have never been ashamed to admit it, although, I have been mocked by some (you know who you are!) for it. Well I had an interesting experience the other night. I was teaching a water arobics class to some young women, 14-15 year olds. I was still in my "Momma Mia" mood (see review below), so I was playing ABBA's GOLD album with most of the songs on it. To my surprise, most of the girls knew all of the songs! It was all due to the popularity of the new movie. Most had seen it, and planned on seeing it again, or are planning on seeing it. It made me feel like I was in the "with it" crowd. It was very funny to hear them sing the songs I have loved for years!!! In case the kids didn't know, tell them that the name ABBA comes from the first letters of each of their names. They are so great!!!

Agnetha, Bjourn, Anni-Frida(Freida), and Benny

I wish I could always been seen through a soft lense! Start squinting when you see me. I may look better also!