Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You're a fan and you didn't even know it...

Here is a great little "ditty" that was given to me by a friend. I think you will be surprised how much you quote Shakespeare yourself.

Shakespeare’s Well-Known Phrases
By Dr. Elliot Engel

If you’ve ever been footloose and fancy-free
If you’ve ever thanked somebody from the bottom of your heart
If you’ve ever been left high and dry
If you ever took a test that you thought was a piece of cake
If you’ve ever refused to budge an inch
If you’ve ever been tongue-tied, a tower of strength, hoodwinked, or in a pickle
If you’ve ever knitted your brow, made a virtue of necessity, insisted on fair play, slept not one wink, stood on ceremony, laughed yourself into stitches, had short shrift, cold comfort or too much of a good thing
If you’ve ever cleared out bag and baggage because you thought it was high time and that is the long and short of it
If you’ve ever believed the game was up even if it involves your own flesh and blood
If you ever lie low until the crack of dawn through thick and thin because you suspect foul play
If you’ve ever had your teeth set on edge with one fell swoop without rhyme or reason
And, finally, if you now bid me good riddance and send me packing
If you wish I was as dead as a doornail
If you think I am an eyesore, a laughing stock, a stony-hearted villain, bloody-minded or a blithering idiot
Well, the, by jove, of Lord, tut-tut, for goodness sake, and what the dickens, it is all one to me even if it’s Greek to you, for you are quoting Shakespeare.

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