Friday, June 11, 2010

Take my Picture....Please!!!


In our state we have had to deal with red light and speeding cameras for many years. I have, and members of my family have had the delight of receiving a picture in the mail taken by them more times than I want to remember.

 I don’t really understand why some people want to get rid of them. I would much rather have the police use their time on the important crimes than on trying to clock speeders. I understand that one argument against them is that they are only in it for the revenue. But money is what makes people act! I still am very cautious since receiving a ticket several years ago because I hated parting with the money for the ticket.

If getting rid of the cameras means that fewer police with be working on the really serious crimes and patrolling our streets, I think we should keep them. If my argument is wrong, please try and convince me otherwise.

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