Friday, June 25, 2010

Propably the Greatest invention EVER!!!

I found the greatest gadget!

I was recently shopping for some luggage and “stuff” for an upcoming trip and I found something that I have been wishing was available for many years! It is a water proof pouch for my ipod so I can listen to my music or books while swimming laps in the pool.

This product is really amazing. I LOVE swimming laps, and now that it is summer in Arizona it is really the only fun way to exercise. But is can also get monotonous just going back and forth for 30-60 minutes. Now with the Water Seals (by Lewis and Clark), it is never boring!

I can listen to anything from Billy Joel, Abba,

any of my Bollywood soundtracks to books!

Talk about multi-tasking!!! I haven’t had any problems with leaking either. It really is a tight seal.

I paid $17.99 plus tax at the retail store but I found them for less on the internet at:  

I’m sure there are other sites that sell it also just do an internet search.

This is a fantastic product!!!

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