Friday, January 8, 2010

Natural or Artificial...The Choice Is Up To You!

I did something recently that I have never done before. Since the day we got married, we have taken the local newspaper, sometimes 2 of them, because my husband is a news junkie. In the past year, I have noticed that the newspapers go directly from the driveway to the recycle bin and so last month I cancelled the newspaper for good (my husband still hasn't noticed so "mum's" the word!!!).

Then something mysterious started happening. I began running out of rubber bands. For a solid week I could not find one anywhere in the house and it was driving me crazy. I finally realized that getting rid of the newspaper meant losing FREE rubber bands.

For some reason, this picture makes me crave something to eat?!?!?!

So I headed to the store to even see if they had rubber bands for sale to the general public. I was amazed at the variety of rubber bands on the market. They had one size per package and 3 different size options, there were assorted size packages, and even assorted colors.

I even found a very creative rubber band ball! I was so impressed. Who knew that this is where rubber bands came from!!!! I always thought they came from the newspapers and multiplied overnight on the kitchen doorknob!

I never dared put them on the bedroom doorknobs…who knew how many would be created that way!!! Anyway, it is a relief to know that there is a substitution for natural rubber band production. This artificial method will have to do for me until we start reading newspapers again, or the internet news sites figure out a way to sent us rubber bands electronically, whichever comes first.


OurFamily said...

Yes, I noticed your supply was dwindling the other day when I was trying to steal some from the pantry doorknob...I could be contributing to your rubberband-less-ness.

Kim said...

You are hilarious. Maybe you could add a line to your budget next month to purchase assorted sizes AND assorted colors. After all, rubber bands should be more than utilitarian brown--a little color brightens the day!

Carrie said...

We cancelled our paper too. However, I called back to get the Sunday paper much of a tradition change for me! I bought one of those rubberband "balls" so I could get rid of the doorknob bulge!

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