Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are the East Coast Sports Fans Snobs?

OK, I admit I am not a football expert…I mean I am not even a fan. I don’t remember when I watched more that 5 minutes of a game and that is usually when one of my Son-in-laws are over and watching a game. Not being a fan though, I have heard a lot about the East Coast bias about sports, and today I witnessed 2 examples of this that were so blatant that I couldn’t ignore it.

Both shows, one a national morning news show and one a national morning talk show, (both taped in New York), had their “picks” for the teams that would win this weekend’s playoff games. I was amazed that they only picked East coast teams! Even the game between Indianapolis and Baltimore, they pick the team further East geographically, and isn’t one of the Manning boys the quarterback of the Colts? Aren’t they supposed to be pretty good? Besides, I saw their mom making some Gumbo this morning and she seems very classy!

Now as I said I am not a football fan but, I do like the Arizona teams to do well.
If I remember correctly, wasn’t Arizona in last year’s Super Bowl? Yet they still picked New Orleans to beat Arizona. Is there a reason for this or is it just because the Arizona Cardinals are in the most beautiful western state?

So to all you football fans out there, is there a bias or, yes, I will say it, a bit of snobbery when it comes to fans in the East that they think they are that much better than the Western teams or is it true? Are the east coast teams better than the west coast teams?

I am just wondering, so I throw it out to those of you who really know about football.
(PS- to my son's future wife, whoever you may be, you can thank me for not raising him to be a football fanatic!)

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