Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Dad is the GREATEST!

With Sunday being Father’s Day here in the USA, I wanted to pay a special tribute to my Dad. I have wonderful parents. My dad worked hard, and is still working hard. That is something he taught me through his example is how important work is and the satisfaction it can bring you. He also taught me the importance of great literature, music, religion and our heritage. I was born a “Talbot” and it is a name I have been proud of.

In Thirsk, England, home of author, James Herriot

One of his favorite things to do is Family History research and he has traced our family lines back quite far. We have a great heritage but maybe that is just because he has taught us how important family is through his desire to connect us all together. He, like my Mom, is a great travel buddy. I have enjoyed the trips we have taken together. Maybe it is because of our similar tastes in history, books, and all things England.
Dad relaxing in the Tower Bridge exhibit in London

I have, and always will look up to my Father as a great Man and a great example.