Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's make a deal!

I look forward every few months to receiving a magazine that I subscribe to called “Realm”. It is all about Great Britain and the photography is amazing! Anyway, after being away for a week I was very excited to see my latest copy in the huge stack of mail that I had to sift through, so as motivation, I promised myself a read-through once I was finished sorting the pile. As I sat back to relax I was surprised to find the announcement of the village of Linkenholt, Hampshire, England was up for sell. THE ENTIRE VILLAGE!!!

This included the manor house, 22 houses, 2 blacksmiths, the village shop, a commercial shoot and a cricket field valued at £25 million! The only thing not included in the sale is the 12th century church (yes, for us in the USA that means it was built in the 1100’s)! Amazing!

Now the idea of an entire village for sale is fascinating in itself but then I realized that this was the village that my third Great Grandmother, Charlotte Newman was born and raised in.

She was born on March 10th 1825. She walked the village streets, she went to the church, she stayed there until she married William Talbot of Ashmansworth, Hampshire, and to me that is so exciting! I had the opportunity to visit it with my parents and husband 11 years ago and I remember it well. It is a beautiful village. This village even pre-dates the Doomsday book!
So the question is how can I come up with a quick buck to buy the village that has so much meaning to me? They want to keep the estate intact which I think is very important.

One advantage I do have, is that I already own some property over there…ok , it may only be a square foot of land somewhere in north-western Scotland but, land is land, AND my property came with a “title” so that should add some prestige to the deal… to have a “Lady” as the estate owner??? Do you think that would qualify me for financing?

My friend Kim and I have plans on how to make it a money making business. Do you think I would need a down payment?
I think I had better plan a quick fact finding trip over to investigate further. Who’s in with me???? Oh what would we do without our dreams!