Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My 1 Year Anniversary of Blogging

It was a year ago that my friend Kim talked me into starting a blog. I have had fun expressing my opinions on everything from books, movies, politics, and sharing parts of my life on my blog. And you have been very obliging in reading it.
My very first blog was pictures of my garden, mainly my artichokes. We are eating artichokes from March into May and by the end of May we are sick of ARTICHOKES!!! So from mid May into June we let them go and this is what happens! The most amazing flowers! The first time I let them go on to bloom I was shocked at how beautiful the flowers were.
Each year I am again amazed at how beautiful this vegetable is as a flower. This year my son Michael, who is a very talented photographer, took these pictures of them. They were especially beautiful this year...but then again, I say that every year. If you have never grown Artichokes, try it. They grow like a weed and are delicious and beautiful! If your kids like artichokes this is a fun one to have in your garden.


Tami Allred said...

hmmmmmm, I'll have to try that sometime. They are beautiful.

chuckles said...

mmm yepyep! they did turn out great!!