Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My second favorite time of the year in AZ is October. It is like a new beginning, let me explain why. First, it is when the night-times start cooling down so we can open windows for the first time since April. It is also the time to put up Halloween decorations, (my 2nd favorite holiday!). It is that time I can get out and start doing FUN yard work, like, seeding the lawn for winter, starting back up the vegetable garden, getting the train garden up and running, and the small flower gardens: the “Shakespeare”, “Alice in Wonderland” and the “Knot” gardens planted and ready for the beautiful winters we have here. Nothing says fall here like the smell of manure!!!!
Here is the first day of cleaning up the train garden from the long, hot summer.
Join me in a couple of days for the next step, and you can see my village come back to life for the fall, winter and spring! YEA!!!!!!!!!!


AZTraveler said...

So this is where you've been hiding out. I should have known. Your train garden looks so neat and tidy.

bkbills said...

Looks great! The kids will be extatic to watch those trains.

1photochick said...


I'm so glad to know you are a fellow blogger! What a neat blog this is!

My question is, will you move by us so my kids can come over for Grandma Day?!!! How cool are you!

We miss you guys!
Your Niece,

1photochick said...

One more comment Aunt Leslie,

I grabbed a few of your favorite blogs addresses that I know are you kids to add to my favorites. Did I miss any of them? If so, could you let me know!

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