Friday, October 17, 2008

A bright spot in each day!

Do you have to sit and do any work during the day? Or do you spend time on a tread mill, stationary bike or other exercise contraption? Why not make the time go faster and get a good laugh while you are at it. Bonnie Hunt, one of my favorite actresses, has a new daytime talk show. You will need to check your local listings, but in Mesa AZ, it is on Fox 10 at 11am.
Bonnie Hunt has one of the quickest wits in entertainment and everyday is a laugh out loud show! She is a great interviewer but her best moments are when she is interacting with her audience, or talking with kids. She is works with friends that have been her friends for years, in some cases, friends from Chicago that she grew up with. She is a very good and moral Catholic girl and is not afraid to speak her mind on health issues, morality and the troubles with the world.
Some of my favorite moments are when she is talking with her mom in Chicago via camera phone. Her mom dispenses funny and wise anecdotes for life to help everyone. One day Bonnie went on and on about when she was young, how she and her sisters would try to be outside hanging laundry on garbage day, because one of the garbagemen, named "Dukey Marcucci", was so good looking and they wanted to watch him. Try watching the show once, and I promise you will be hooked! I now watch this while I exercise instead of Regis and Kelly. I feel like I am betraying them but her show is much funnier!!!


Bonnie said...

I just watched her for the first time on Friday and thought she was so great! She seems so real - and soooo funny. I think I'll be a fan. So fun at the concert with you! Thanks so much - we must meet up again for girl fun!

bkbills said...

I bet her show is great. I'll have to check it out!