Friday, October 31, 2008

Step 2 of getting the train back up and running.

Here is the next step of the train garden. I had to clean the track, oil all the wheels and connections on the cars and it is ready to go.
Next step is to add all the people and props to the Village. I will show you when I am done!!!
How cute is this!


KatieJ said...

So cute mom- I didn't notice the tiny jack-o-lanterns? Did those disappear since last year? I'm glad you put your train garden on here.

davidandsuzi said...

Love the train garden! Ok...this Jane Austen question may be too hard for me. My choice was a total guess. Maybe the easier questions could pop back up every now and then. hehe :)

AZTraveler said...

Suzi: I can't believe you thought the questions were easy! I think they are hard! And I studied Austen at Oxford for heavens sake.

On a different subject, I do love the train garden video--very impressive. Finally, a female movie producer of G-rated films...

Papa Parrish said...

So much miss stopping by to carpool and see the festivities and gardening! Daughter said I should get to your blog, and I'm glad I did. Lois