Friday, August 15, 2008

Some great movies!

What do these 4 pictures have in common?
Phantom of the Opera
Dear Frankie
Nim's Island

Beowolf and Grendel
They are my favorite Gerard Butler movies. . My favorite of these is:
"Dear Frankie" is one of the best hidden gem movies ever. It was made before "Phantom" but they held up the release until after "Phantom" was released because then everyone would know who Garard Butler is! This movies has such a great story about a deaf boy who tries to stay in contact with his father through the letters he writes. I can't say to much without giving it all away but it is touching, funny, and romantic all together. Besides Butler, everyone in the cast is great including, Emily Mortimer, Sharon Small, and the boy who plays Frankie, Jack McElhone. One of Butler's first movies was "Mrs. Brown" satrring Judi Dench and he is good in it also. Beowolf and Grendel was never released here in the US but it is much better than the Beowolf that was, because it actually followes the epic tale it was based on. I have an edited copy becasue it was rated R but it is still quite violent. If you want to borrow it call me. The newest one is "Nim's Island". It is great! He plays 2 different roles, Nim's dad and the imaginary adventurer, Alex Rover. It is a wonderful family movie. I watched it with my 3 grandsons, ages 3-7 and they loved it. Try it on a family movie night soon. Anyway, if you are ever in the mood to have a "Gerard Butler" film festival(and who wouldn't!!), make sure you include these movies.

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C Jean said...

Thanks for the Dear Frankie tip, Laura and I saw an add for the movie, thought it looked great and are ordering it through netflix. GB is also in PS I love You with Hillary Swank- don't shoot me, its not my favorite, but it was ok.