Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taxes That We Can Be Happy With!!!

So I think I have a solution to how much we as Americans should pay in taxes that seems fair to me. Let me clarify, I think taxes are WAY too high as it is and that the Government WASTES a lot of our tax dollars but I don’t think they can come up with a solution so I have come to their rescue.

The Democrats want to tax more, and the Republicans want to cut spending but can’t decide where to cut, so here is my plan.

Step 1: I think we, the TAX PAYING people should get a form with all the Government programs listed on it that our tax dollars go to as of 2010. NO NEW PROGRAMS CAN BE ADDED for the time being!!!

Step 2-We have to pay the SAME amount that we paid the year before in taxes, but we go down the list of programs and agencies and we divide OUR tax dollars up and commit it to where we feel they, or tax dollars, should go.

Step 3: At the end of the year, each agency and program would have their “budget” as assigned to them by the American people, and, like the people, they can’t spend more than they take in.

Now I realize this is an oversimplified process and there are some exceptions but really, EVERY government agency has a lot of waste and that can be cut back on significantly with this type of system. If no one wants to give $$$ to  a certain program of agency, it can be done away with!

I also realize that our elected officials are suppose to be doing this, but they have proven that they can’t make hard decisions when it comes to cutting Government spending, so we need to take that job away from them!

If they were serious about cutting the out of control spending in Washington DC they would immediately cut every agencies budget by at least 10% or more(preferably more)! But they haven’t done that, even though I have heard it suggested by numerous economists as the fairest way to cut the waste.