Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOOOO! It Is Too Soon For That!

I love any holiday and I especially love to decorate for holidays.  I do have one complaint for those of you out there that try to “overlap” holidays. 

The one holiday that gets overlooked or overlapped on the most is Thanksgiving.  Now I know that many don’t really think too much about the celebration of Thanksgiving, but it still deserves not to have Christmas started before it is over. 
 This is a real pet peeve of mine.  I HATE seeing Christmas lights before Thanksgiving is over.  I don’t mean in the stores.  I love the decorations up in the Malls and stores, but I mean on homes!

I feel that whenever I see Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving, someone must be having an “Auntie Mame” moment.  You know what I mean right?
In the movie “Auntie Mame” staring Rosalind Russell, things are going so bad for Mame Dennis that she decides to pull out the Christmas decorations in July, put them up and celebrate, to try to cheer herself up.

You want to watch the 1958 version with Rosalind Russell, NOT the 1974 version with Lucille Ball. 

It is much better, even though I LOVE Lucille Ball.  Watch her in “Yours, Mine and Ours” instead.  It so funny and it is a classic! 
 Anyway….getting back to Christmas lights.

There is a song in the show called “We Need a Little Christmas” that is now a famous Christmas song. Long story short, that is what I mean by having an “Auntie Mame” moment when I see Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving is over. When I do see them on, I wonder if something is wrong and you turned them on just to cheer yourself up. Maybe that is a little crazy for me to assume this but… Even if you don’t really think Thanksgiving is a “big” holiday, I just don’t think you should start Christmas too early or you will burn out of the Spirit of the Season before it ever gets here.

I would really like to hear if I am the only one that feels this way! 


@jenhalloran said...

ABSOLUTELY agree! Thanksgiving has *always* been my favorite holiday and I try to preserve it -- and the decorations -- as long as possible.

Dyan said...

It is too soon for Christmas. I love Thanksgiving and want to be able to enjoy it without worrying about all of the Christmas stuff.

markandaubrey said...

So how do you feel about me listening to Christmas music already? I just love it and hate that it only lasts for a month. I am still not as bad as my mom though...she already has Christmas up and running at their house!

Heidi said...

Every year I worry about St. Patrick's Day getting mowed over. Really.

Heidi said...

Wow, so I'm still here hanging around and finding out we have an awful lot in common. I don't get around to reading blogs often but I'm going to add you to my reader anyway. I am TRYING to memorize all the Kings and Queens (I'm descended from Matilda, William the Conqueror's queen) but I think I really should start at the beginning. Don't wanna leave out those Saxon kings, ya know?

Heidi said...

P.S. The sequel to Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, called Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, is out in February and has a *brilliant* cover.

KatieJ said...

hahahaha! If you see Christmas lights on at my house (any time before Thanksgiving) it just means someone hit the wrong switch! If I'm in my pj's at dinner time it means I'm having a bad day- and a Dr. Pepper instead of Diet Pepsi means I'm trying to cheer myself up :) I got a really cool turkey from Cost Plus this year and realized that's the only Thanksgiving decoration I actually like. Thanksgiving is skippable to me.

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