Friday, July 9, 2010

Play 2-FANTASTIC! But I Would Come Just For The Tarts

Now for the further adventures of Eileen, Billy boy and Me here on day 2 at the Festivaland the review of play #2.
Our play wasn’t until the evening so Eileen and I went to St. George for more “School supplies” (wink wink, remember the code words). While we were at one of the “supply” stores (Coldwter Creek), who would walk in but my son-in-law’s sweet mom, LaDawn, who was also visiting from Mesa. Here we’re almost 500 miles from Mesa and I see someone I know shopping! Freaky! Anyway, after that we grabbed a quick lunch at In-N-Out.

Then we went to a store that I have heard so much about but never been and it is called Tai Pan. WOW!!! I usually hate to shop but this store was amazing!

Billy Boy in front of the store, refreshed after falling in the fountain

I have been looking for a particular item to put in my garden for several months and I found one here. It is a gazebo! I can’t wait to get it home and reassemble it! Don’t tell my husband, he rarely comes in the back garden so it will probably be months before he ever knows it is there!

One the way back to Cedar City, we stopped at Kolob Canyon which is in the North end of Zion National Park. It is breathtakingly beautiful!

Here a few pictures of Billy Boy enjoying the scenery. Can you just imagine what Shakespeare would have written if he had seen scenery as beautiful as this?

Anyway, now for the review of the play. Last night we had our first Shakespeare play which was one of my favorites, Much Ado About Nothing.

To our delight, David Ivers (one of our favorites) was playing the role of Benedick. None of the other actors were familiar to us. I think it would be very hard not to enjoy this play since the writing is so good and hilarious, but this production was REALLY great. Beatrice was played amazingly by Kymberly Mellen, and her sparring with Benedick was entertaining. They were great together on stage. It is always surprising to me, to see how different actors will play a part that I have seen so many times before and it is always new and fun. Again, I think it goes back to the writing! Thanks William!!! I still think Claudio (Matt Tallman) is a twerp and that Hero (Sara J. Griffin) shouldn’t have taken him back after he publicly humiliated her based on lies and gossip, but oh well, she does every time I see this play so I have to accept it! I do think the actor that played Hero’s father Leonato (Robert Ramirez), would make a GREAT Othello. He was good in this but I kept “seeing” him as Othello. Another actor that deserves mention is Don Burroughs. He played the constable Dogberry. His “murder” of the English language was hilarious. Everything that came out of his mouth was wrong but we knew exactly what he meant it to mean. He was so funny. But the play was great and both Eileen and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.
Scenes from the Green Show performers before the play starts

Oh, and did I mention the AMAZING tarts? We are on a 2 tarts a day habit now. More on those tomorrow.


bkbills said...

Mom, this blog is starting to get a bit creepy with that scary action figure. Be careful or before you know it you'll be a full fledged weirdo!!! :) Love ya!

markandaubrey said...

It looks like you two are having way too much fun! Isn't Tai Pan the best!