Sunday, May 16, 2010

We All Need Advice From Jane Austen!!

Are you, or do you know someone who is a Jane Austen fan?  Are you, or do you know someone who may be in the middle of the dating game?  Ifso, I have a fun book for you to give to them. It is called, “Jane Austen’s Guide to Dating”, by Lauren Henderson. It is a delightful read. If you aren’t still dating, it makes you remember how much you didn’t like it also.

This book is a humorous way to look at the whole dating trauma, even if you are no longer “on the market”.

***Warning, this is a book that I don’t agree with some of the Moral points mentioned; for example, I believe in no pre-marital sexual relations between couples. This book doesn’t adhere to this same belief. So I would not really give it to a teenager as a REAL guide. If it was a movie, I would rate it a PG-13, so parents beware of whom you let read it.

Some of the chapters are:

Don’t Play Games or Lead People On”, “Don’t Settle—Don’t Marry for Money, or Convenience, or Out of Loneliness”, and my favorite, “Be Prepared to Wait for the Right Person to Come Along.” Some of the advice is VERY practical; the rest is just plain fun!

At the end of each chapter, there is a summary of what that chapter is about in case you need -to go back and refer to the highlights of each chapter for a re-fresher course.

Also at the end of the book there are a couple of tests. One to see which Austen character you are most like, and another, which is for finding out which Austen character you are most compatible with.

***Again a warning to parents, I needed to go through and censor (yes I said censor!) these tests in my copy of the book. Some of the choices of answers were inappropriate for anyone and didn’t need to be put in, so I took a marker to them. ***

Anyway, it is a fun book for light reading that gives a lot of examples from Jane Austen’s actual books. You really do need to be familiar with them to appreciate the context of the examples, but even if you don’t it is still fun to read. Try it out!

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