Monday, February 15, 2010

"My Name Is Khan" Sorry, Back to Back Reviews, But This Couldn't Wait!

I usually don’t put to movie reviews back to back, and especially Bollywood movies reviews but this next movie is so different from the last post that I felt I could break my rules this once. Yes it is a Bollywood film, and yes it had Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, in it but it is so different from any other of their movies.

First there is not one “real” musical/dance number. The story is pretty much told in flash backs as Rizvan Khan is traveling on foot, trying to meet the President of the USA to let him know “My name is Khan , and I am not a terrorist”.

Rizvan has Aspergers Syndrom, a form of high functioning Autism. SRK plays the part phenomenally. He has the mannerisms of a person with this condition, but he is so sweet that you can easily see how Mandira (Kajol) would fall in love with him. It is such a sweet relationship and I enjoyed watching the process of them falling in love, marrying and forming a family. Even Mandira’s son accepts Rizvan with all his quirks, and they have a fun and loving family.

The amazingly beautiful Kajol

Then 911 happens. Rizvan, who in Muslim, and Mandira who is Hindi, are affected by the country’s wariness of anyone they may suspect of being Muslim. Until finally, a tragedy occurs that pushes Mandira to regret ever marrying a Muslim man. In her anger she tells Rizvan to go, and not come back until the country, including the President knows that they are not terrorists, just because they are of middle-eastern descent. So, Rizvan leaves their home, taking literally what Mandira asked him to do and begins a several month’s long journey to spread the message.

He has many different experiences throughout his travels all over the country. The only part I had a problem with was the simulated hurricane that swept through a town in Georgia that Rizvan had been in and made friends. When he saw on a news report that the hurricane was coming and heading for the town he left the state he was in to go help them. “Amazingly” he beat the hurricane or got there as it was happening (I can’t remember which) but he was able to get into this town, when no other help could, and help the poor and hurt of the area. The only other people to get into the town, were the news crew that was following Rizvan to tell his story. They, (the writers) tried to explain this away in the story that it was because the military was off fighting in Afghanistan, so they weren’t here to help the people of our country. I took this as a subtle slam on President Bush which was unfair, untrue and unnecessary. The hurricane special effects were not what we are used to, with CGI now, but I’m sure they didn’t have the budget that most of our movies have so I can forgive the way it looked which was a bit amateur for our standards.

In the end, I think the movie makes the point that not all Muslims are bad, but even Muslims have to step up and help fight the extremists, and we don’t hear that too much today. I loved this movie, and so did my husband. He came with me for my Valentine’s Day gift. It was so sweet of him because I knew he was thinking he would be seeing one of the Bollywood musical type movies that I love but he agreed to anyway.

Try to find it in your area, it was a great movie!

Here is a trailer for you to see:


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