Sunday, December 6, 2009

Warning: Major Spoiler Alert!

Well, it's over!

I knew this was the last season, and it was a very good season.  Who knew a woman Sheriff of Nottingham could have been more evil than the original Sheriff!  Isabella Gisborne was ruthless!  But it was great to see my 2 favorite characters that were enemies throughout the entire series finally work together in the past few episodes for the defeat of the Sheriffs!  And man, when the castle few on them...relief!!!

Robin and his men (from season 1)

I just really wish they had carried the story line to when King Richard did get back to England, not to when he had be captured by the Austrians.  But the ending was great!!!  Yes, even though both Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood die, what a great scene when Marian comes backs to take Robin as he dies.  She was beautiful! 

Best of all is now I can see Richard Armitage in season 7 of MI5!!!!  Can't wait for him to join the team.  I know you followers in the UK have already seen it, but we in the USA have to wait until January when it is released on DVD.  Will he be as good of a spy as "Tom Quinn or Adam Carter" or better???  Any hints from our friends who have already watched him in action???  PLEASE!!!