Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where were you 943 years ago on this impotant day in history?

Yes, it was 943 years ago today that the Battle of Hastings took place in England and William the Conqueror defeated Harold Godwinson to become the new King of England.  He claims he was the rightful heir to the throne upon the death of Edward the Confessor through his mother's line and that Edward had promised him the crown when he died.  Now, whether this was true or not, his winning at the Battle of Hastings on October 14th 1066, changed the course of history. 

William landing in England on September 27th 1066

William, Duke of Normandy was officially crowned king of England, and became William the I on Christmas day 1066 in Westminster Abbey.  He ruled for almost 20 years, dying in France on September 9th 1087. 
Bayeux Tapestry showing the death of Harold Godwinson

Although William spent a lot of his time in France, he established many reforms and built many castles, keeps and mottes throughout England including the White Tower at the Tower of London.  He also commisioned a census to be taken of all of England's productive capacity that was similar to a modern-day census.  The "Doomsday Book" was published in 1086.  He eventually replaced all Anglo-Saxon nobles with Norman nobles that supported him. 

Whether you are for, or against William the I, and his claim to the throne, it was a day that really changed the history of England up to this day.