Thursday, October 1, 2009

Try to find this Treasure!

I am going to let you know about a movie that you have probably never heard of, or seen, but it is one of my favorites. It was originally run as a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movie in 1997 and entitled, "What the Deaf Man Heard". It takes place in the South and Sammy is a young boy going on a bus trip with his mother. Somewhere along the way, they get separated (a mystery)and Sammy is left alone on the bus to the end of the line where he is discovered sleeping.

He doesn't know what has happened to his mother, but is taken in by the Sheriff and looked after by the local cafe owner. He pretends (to hard to explain why, but you will understand when you see it) to be deaf, deciding that silence offered some power and protection, and realizes that he can learn a lot by continuing to be "deaf". He continues this way into his 20"s and along the way he is learning many things and secrets about the towns people. One day when the local "spoiled bad-boy" is on trial, what a shock to the whole town when Sammy goes on the stand and tells all that he knows, which is quite a bit since everyone talked to him, thinking he couldn't hear or understand. Matthew Modine is really good and the older Sammy, and James Earl Jones is, as always, terrific as the man who also has a secret that he wants to keep to himself.

This movie is worth trying to find it. As with most Hallmark movies it is very entertaining.