Friday, September 4, 2009

Finally, My ALL Time Favorite Movie and Something Else FUN!

Last night at my Book Club that I belong to, we were discussing the book "A Tale Of Two Cities", by Dickens. My friend and I were talking about different versions of the movie that have been made and we got around to talking about the actor Ronald Coleman ( he was in one of the versions), who also stars in my ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE, "Random Harvest".

As you see in my favorites list on the side, one of my favorite actresses, Greer Garson, also stars in this movie, and she is absolutely, amazingly beautiful in this! She also is great in the part of Paula, the long suffering heroin.

The movie begins with the end of WWI and a solider who is a patient in a mental hospital due to shell shock and amnesia, escapes the hospital and accidentally runs into Paula who wants to help him and thinks he just needs time to heal, not to be shut up in an institution. He slowly gets better, and they create a life together, he never regains his memory but is happy in his new life with his wife and their new baby. He is eventually offered a job at a newspaper and he travels to Liverpool to talk to them and while there he is involved in a small accident and receives another blow to his head. I bet you can guess what happens. That is all in just the first half of the movie so there is a lot more story to go!

As I said, Garson is amazing and she should have won an award for this role but she instead won it for "Mrs. Miniver" the same year, so I guess that is ok. By the way, she was also amazing in "Mrs. Miniver" which is also where she met her second husband on the set. Anyway back to the movie... I beg you to go find this movie and watch it. It really is one of the BEST movies of all time. It has Romance, romance, romance, suspense and pure joy. You will bawl when Paula says..."Smithy, oh Smithy..." see I am crying as I type it is so wonderful! If you have seen it leave a word of encouragement to inspire others!
The other thing I was reminded about at Book Club last night was a very funny web-site you need to check out if you want to read the classics but don't feel you have the time. It is Book-a-Minute .com. Here is the link:
It is so funny, but here is a preview of the book we discussed last night, A Tale of Two Cities.
The condensed version is this:
Ultra-Condensed by Liz Coppla
Doctor released,
Marquis deceased,
Darnay acquitted,
Monarchy submitted,
Marriage announced,
Darnay denounced,
Places are switched,
Blades are twitched,
Seamstress cries,
Carton dies.
That is the book! and it has everything! There is even a Book-a-minute SF/F, and also a bedtime stories section. Check it out and you will have a great laugh!

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