Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Adam" is a must see Movie!

Now, those of you who have seen this movie already will be surprised that I am HIGHLY recommending it even though it doesn't have the typical ending that I love, but it does have the right ending for this story. With that said...

"Adam" is about a young man who has Asperger's Syndrome which is a type of high functioning Autism. He slowly develops a friendly relationship with his upstairs neighbor, Beth. The way the relationship develops is slow and sweet, as Beth learns more about Asperger's and Adam (played wonderfully by Hugh Dancy), learns how to relate one on one with Beth.
Beth is so patient as Adam tries to open up and the film does a really great job of depicting how this Syndrome affects those who have it and how they want a life like everyone else. Beth also has to grow and learn to cope with events in her life and Adam is able to help her even though he has this disability.
I like movies where the characters grow and are better in the end and this one does that so well that the ending is just what is needed. I don't want to say anymore without giving it away.

Since this is an independent film you may have to search for it but it is worth the search. If you can't find it, write down the title and watch for it when it is released on DVD.
This is one great movie!

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