Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

I wanted to publicly wish my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I had one of those Mom’s who has done it all and is a great example to me. After having, and raising 6 children she when back to school and not only got her degree but also a Master’s degree. She has had 2 books published and had pieces she has written in other published works. She also taught history at Weber State College for several years. She is a terrific travel companion and we enjoy discussing books, movies, and life in general.
My Mom with my son, Michael on the tube in London in March '09

I have watched her all my life as she has served in the community, her church and schools. All this, in addition to being a super wife to my dad (in my observation), grandmother and great-grandmother, she had truly done it all and had it all! So on days when I feel I can’t get anything accomplished, I think of her and all she has done and it makes me more motivated. Thanks for your great example MOM!


Tami Allred said...

WOW!! Impressive. So this is where you obtain your drive. You are one lucky girl and glad you have passed this on to your kids

Kim said...

This is a very lovely post.

KatieJ said...

Well that's where you get it! I wish I could soak up some of Grandma's and your energy! Happy Mother's day to you both!