Friday, May 22, 2009

1 complaint, and 3 BIG Cheers!

I have had the opportunity to travel a bit this spring and there is one complaint that I can't find the answer to. Last year when the fuel prices went so high, the airlines implemented extra charges to "off-set" the higher fuel prices (so they said). However, now that the prices have been down for several months, all these extra charges are still in effect!!! Can anyone explaine to me why that is???? It is like a new tax, once it is begun, it is impossible to get rid of it!

That is the one complaint, now for the 3 BIG cheers!

Cheer number one goes to the CLEAR PLAY DVD PLAYER!!!
Now I'm sure the Hollywood types will find a way to ruin this like they did the edited DVD's, but for now this is great! After buying this DVD player, you download filters for the movies you want to watch. You decide what you don't want in the movies, whether it is bad language, sex, violence, etc., you decide the levels you want filtered out. We don't watch "R" rated movies and some PG-13 are too raunchy also but with this player, you can filter out all the bad stuff. For example, I LOVE Bollywood movies!!! They are colorful, and the music and dancing are amazing also. So I was very disappointed when "Slumdog Millionaire" was released and was rated "R". When it finally came out on DVD we rented it and we did a medium filter on most of the topics, (I felt it was still too violent on medium so I would do that higher next time). But is was a really good movie. Unfortunatly, only one dance at the end.

Next cheer goes to "Enchanted April"!
It has FINALLY been released on DVD! YEA! If you haven't seen this amazing movie, find it and check it out. It was in the theaters in 1992 and it is one of the best movies ever! Many big names like, Miranda Richardson, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent, Joan Plawright, to name a few and there are others. This is one movie where the movie is better than the book (the ending at least). Find it and watch it. It is not a "chick flick". My husband liked it also. Don't ask him though, he never remembers a movie plot within 1 hour of seeing it.
The last and biggest cheer goes to "PUSHING DAISIES"!!!

Since ABC was so STUPID to cancel this amazing show, they never showed the final 3 episodes that they had filmed. I thought I would have to wait until the DVD was released to have closure to my sadness. They are FINALLY showing them starting on Saturday, May 30th and for the next 3 weeks. I know it will be sad all over again when it ends but then I can look forward to getting the DVD and watching all 2 seasons over and over again. There will never be anything as funny and unique on TV again, I am willing to bet.


Tami Allred said...

I'm so happy about Pushing Daisies. My girls and I loved that show.

Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder about "Enchanted April"--it is on my purchase list. It is one of the few movies that I think is better than the book.