Saturday, January 17, 2009

As Long as We are On the Subject...

With the opening of the movie "Defiance", I wanted to let you know about a book on the same subject. The movie is based on on the book "The Bielsky Brothers" by Peter Duffy and it is next in que to read on my book stack. The book I want to let you know about is entitled "Jack and Rochelle" and it is about their experiences surviving in the forests also during WWII.

Jack and Rochelle grew up in Poland in different towns and economically different families so other than knowing who each other was, never associated with each other. But, through their experiences of being Jews during the German occupation they were thrown together in the forests of Poland where they met up again and began their lives together.
Their story is told in their own words, and edited by there son Lawrence Sutin. The story of each of their separate trials in work camps and the escapes are compelling. The fact that they met up was amazing, but the circumstances of them meeting is miraculous. It shows that even in the most terrible situations there is sweetness, love and miracles.
This is a current picture of Jack and Rochelle-still in love!
This book about the resistance groups during WWII is inspiring and shows the strength of the human spirit. I highly recommend this book and I will let you know about "The Bielsky Brothers" after I read it, however, my daughter, Elizabeth Jane (we named her after the Bennet sisters), who has read both, loved them both also.


KatieJ said...

That book sounds good- do you own it? Maybe I will read something soon... Defiance looks good- and not just because of Mr. Bond, maybe I'll get to see it on TV in a couple years!

bkbills said...

That book was good. I would be lying if I said it wasn't hard for me to read because of all their hardships, but I'm ok with it because of the happy ending. It really mad me grateful for everything. Also, I finished Brisngr, and I need a new book. Got any good ones that I haven't borrowed yet?

markandaubrey said...

I always feel so behind on my reading when I visit your blog. I wish I read as much as you did.
These books do look like I'd love them so I will have to make time soon!