Monday, December 29, 2008

My reflections on the end of the year and beginning a new one-

I have mixed feelings at the end of the Holiday Season. I love the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years holiday time. Although I have never gotten into the New Years celebration, I do love the feeling of the new beginning and a fresh start. I love to create the atmosphere in my home to help celebrate each holiday. So it is always sad to put away the decorations.
Picture of me at West Wycombe Estate in Oxfordshire, England (July '07). Not that it applies to anything in this blog, I just wanted you to see how beautiful the country is over there! Also to remind me that our cold weather won't last forever.

There is a lot of discussion on when one should put away the decorations. I personally like to wait until the day after New Years day. It seems that when I put them up on December 1st, I am so busy getting everything ready and done the rest of the month, leading up to my Jane Austen tea party (Dec. 16th), then to Christmas Eve, that I really enjoy the decorations more after Christmas Day. What do you think? Am I alone in this idea?

I realize that when I did have young children at home I took them down the day after Christmas but not anymore. I want to linger and enjoy the Spirit of the holiday a little longer. In fact it was very sad to get into my car at 5:30 am to take Kim and Tammy to the airport, and not hear Christmas music on the 2 radio stations that I have listened to, for the first time in over a month.
Now it is back to talk radio and politics (which I enjoy but needed a break from). Coming home to the decorations helped with not having that feeling of "it's all over for another 11 months".

Of course, I can't go cold turkey on the decorations. You know how much I hate the cold, (which I might add, it has been horrendous the past few days!), so to wean myself off decorations gradually, I like to put up "Snowmen" decorations for the month of January. That is the ONLY way I like "snow", besides in pictures. Then after January, there is Valentines day decorations.... and so on and so on....

Don't you just love holidays!!!!!


bkbills said...

We love your decorations too, Mom. The kids go nuts when you take them down and there are no more buttons to push and noisy dancing animals to sing a long to. One good thing about you putting your decorations down, Katie and I won't have to hear,"We need more decorations like Grandma" anymore.

Carrie said...

Leslie I'm with you on the decorations. I love my Christmas/Snow Village and usually keep it up until the end of January. This year the girls were being helpful and took all the trees, accessories, etc. down. I'm now committed to taking it all down and it's only the 5th. I dislike the mess it takes to redo the house, however. It is so boring to look at after Christmas take down that I leave the basket of Christmas books by the couch and try to read them during the month leading up to Valentines. By the way, I already have some Christmas presents bought for next year! I know I'm sick, but Alex's main gift is done!

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