Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm sick of the cold, I miss the summer!

It's been too cold the last two days, I miss the heat of summer. If you do too, take a minute and enjoy this video of our water arobics class. We made this for a church talent show, you will be amazed at our synchronization!


Tami Allred said...

Cold! Come on Leslie you don't know what cold is. Have you looked at our weather lately? David and I shoveled about 8 inches this morning and now there's more. The kids even have a snow day. Now talk about happy.
Leslie, you make me laugh. Love the video. You are one fun,creative chicadee.

KatieJ said...

You are very brave! But crazy, who misses Arizona summers??

Tammy said...

It is sick and wrong to miss the heat.

davidandsuzi said...

I loved seeing that video again! Classic.

Bonnie said...

First, I miss the heat too and HATE the cold - that's why I don't live in Utah. Second, that video is HILARIOUS! Who is the talented one in the middle of the circle doing the fabulous leg moves? You guys are crazy and fun. Miss seeing you. Any more concerts I need to know about? Merry Christmas to your family!!