Thursday, June 19, 2008

This movie is a hidden gem!!!

I just finished watching (for about the 20th time) a wonderful movie called “Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont”. It stars Joan Plowright, who is amazing in anything, and Rupert Friend, better known as “Mr. Wickham” in the latest “Pride and Prejudice” movie. You will fall in “love” with him in the role. It is one of those hidden gems that very few people know about but is so worth the time to find it and watch. It is a heart-warming story about an older widow who is completely ignored by her family and so she decides to be more independent and moves to London. While there, she meets a young man who is also ignored by his family and so they create their “own family”. It leaves you with the feeling of the importance of each individual and how we can positively affect another person’s life, no matter what our circumstances. It is filmed in my favorite neighborhood of London which is Lancaster Gate. I highly recommend you see this movie!!!


Bonnie said...

I love that you read the most interesting literature and watch the coolest movies. I am definitely going to find this one and watch it. Your Shakespeare quotes are great! Keep it up!

Kaarin said...

I had this movie already in my Netflix queue, but when I saw your recommendation, I moved it to the top. Just watched it last night and loved it! Thanks for the heads up!

Tami Allred said...

Not my cup of tea, too slow for me but that young man is sure cute. How did you watch this 20 times? You're right about Joan's acting. She is splendid.