Monday, December 20, 2010

The SECOND Best Picture of the Christmas Season

I love to have my younger grand kids over weekly for Grandma day.  The first day they came over after all the Christmas decorations were up, I took them around and we put red stickers on the decorations they couldn't play with and green stickers on the ones they could play with.  One of the "green sticker" decorations that they can play with is a small Santa that reads the book, "The Night Before Christmas" in it's entirety.  His mouth moves and his eyes look around as he is reading. 
After lunch this same day, I was cleaning up and the kids were exploring.  I stopped briefly to check on them and I found the 3 older kids, Mr. C, Miss S and Miss E, laying on their tummies listening to Santa read the story.  It was the perfect picture so I ran as fast as I could to get the camera but by the time I got back the 2 girls had moved, but it was still a cute picture.

I took it quickly before they moved anymore and Mr. C was surprised by me taking the picture.  The girls didn't even notice they were so involved in the story. 

It was so cute I just wanted to share it with you all.  Here are a few others of them trying on the Santa hats that I have for them to play with.  Merry Christmas!!!


Tami Allred said...

Yay, finally I get to see more of your cute grandkids. They are so lucky. Merry Christmas

Kim said...

I especially love their little feet peeking out under their bums. So cute!

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