Monday, September 6, 2010

Are the Older Women of the World too Rebellious???

I recently visited another country with my friend Kim, and we noticed an interesting phenomenon. We observed that there were several women with a variety of bright, almost shocking hair color.
You wouldn’t think that was a big deal if you saw a young woman who may like to express themselves through their appearance but these weren’t young women.

Very Maroon!

Purple on the bangs only
I would say at least ninety percent of these women were at least over 45-50 years old.
Violet color just in the front

I called this color "eggplant"
Orange with Maroon streaks
This really had us stumped because throughout my whole life, it seemed it was the younger generations that showed defiance through how they dressed and the outrageous styles of their hair.
Deep Purple...This picture doesn't so it justice!
So I am asking, what is the appeal of having strange hair color?
With older women, it can’t be to rebel.
Could it be they feel the need to stand out more than others?
Not just crazy color but crazy style!
And the winner is...for the brightest one of all!!!!
This one is hard to see but she has purple highlights throughout the hair
Are they desperate for the attention? It can’t be a style reason because sometimes the hair color clashed with the clothing they were wearing so it just looked awful! I don’t know, we couldn’t understand the reason. Any thoughts?


Kim said...

It all started with the one woman with fuschia hair--and we didn't have our camera handy, drats!

Tami Allred said...

Were they locals or tourists?