Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Greatest Product for Organization!

I have found the greatest product if you want to organize and effectively rotate your canned goods in your cupboard or storage room. Let me tell you about it!

Most Emergency Preparedness sites encourage you to have a supply of food on hand for emergencies. It can range from a 72 hour emergency food kit to up to 1-2 years of food. In our church, they encourage us to get a 3 month supply of food you eat every day, and then begin to accumulate a longer term food supply that includes wheat, rice, dried beans etc. The problem with this, is finding the space to store it and how to rotate it efficiently. I have been very creative in “hiding” the food almost everywhere in our home since we don’t have a basement or a large storage space for food.

I recently received a handout for a product that helps with the rotation, storage and organization of canned goods. They are called, Can Organizers. They are cardboard boxes that fold into units that you load the can into the top and it rolls around to the bottom, so you are constantly rotating the cans you buy! It is amazing, and INEXPENSIVE!!! I have purchased plastic shelving that does this but they are costly so I was so excited to try these!

They come in 2 sizes, a cupboard size and a pantry size. They eliminate the need to but special shelving units that do the same job! The cupboard size holds; 6 pie fillings, 8 vegetable cans, 9 soup cans, or 18 tuna fish cans. The Pantry size holds; 13 pie filling, 16 vegetable cans, 18 soup cans, or 39 tuna cans. I love them! The web-site to see the product is:
The printed instructions for folding them is not very good, but there is a video on the web-site that shows how to do it and it only takes a couple of minutes once you see how it is done.

Check it out!!!


markandaubrey said...

Those look great! I will for sure be looking into them! Thanks!
I am pathetic I know...Happy Late Birthday!!!

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