Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Political Rant

I love following the news and politics, even though it makes me CRAZY!!! Last week, after being so frustrated with all the government spending and bailouts happening in Washingtion DC, I heard a commentator make a comment that summed up my frustrations perfectly!

He said,
"I am happy to help the helpless, but not the clueless!"

(Comic and radio host, Dennis Miller, on "The O'Reilly Report", April 15th)

That is exactly how I feel. I think a lot of the spending is going to the clueless and the cheats, and our elected officials either can't or won't make sure the money is going to those who are helpless. I'm glad I can turn off the news and take a break from it when I get too anxious. Sometimes I just want to scream at the TV, hoping they could hear me.