Thursday, February 19, 2009

There will never be another Cary Grant!

After raising 6 children, I still miss the noise around the house, so you can usually find the TV on or Stereo playing because I don't like the quiet. So today, while I was cleaning the house (Thursday is my BIG cleaning day), I was happy to find one of my all-time favorite Cary Grant movies playing on TCM. It is "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer". It stars, besides CG, the ever beautiful, Myrna Loy and a rarely seen teenager, Shirley Temple. It is hilarious and I decided I wanted to list all my favorite Cary Grant movies for those who haven't seen a lot of his work.

In the "Suspense" genre these are my top favorites that you could watch:
North By Northwest
To Catch a Thief
(These aren't in any particular order because I can't decide which I like best)
North by Northwest
In the "Comedies", there are so many "bust-a-gut-from laughing" so I listed some of my top vote getter's. Again in no particular order because it is too hard to pick a favorite:
Monkey Business
The Awful Truth
Bringing up Baby
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
Father Goose
His Girl Friday
I was a Male War Bride
My Favorite Wife
Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House
The Philadelphia Story
Monkey Business (with a very young Marilyn Monroe)
Then of course you have his romantic movies, although all of the comedies also have a lot of romance in them but are more for the laughs.
Bringing up Baby
Romantic movies are:
An Affair to Remember (sob-sob)
The Bishops Wife
(this next one is rarely seen but worth finding-)
Every Girl Should be Married
Operation Petticoat
That Touch of Mink
Penny Serenade
and his last movie that he made--
Walk Don't Run
Arsenic and Old Lace

The Philadelphia Story

His Girl Friday
I have seen all of these movies multiple times and I laugh and cry still in all the same places. I don't think there will ever be another actor as classy as him although every "new" actor seems to be compared to him. The movies that Hollywood has tried to remake of some of these classics never even come close to the original. There should be a law against re-making any of the "classics". Not just Cary Grant's but so many of the other classic movies from the 30's-50's.
So if you can't find anything good on TV (which is usually the case), and you haven't seen some of these movies, try one of them and I promise you will be rewarded with great entertainment!


Tami Allred said...

wow I'm going to have to net flix some of these. I love Arsenic and Old Lace and Philiadelphia Story. They are so funnnnn. Thanks for posting.

bkbills said...

I'm glad you instilled a love for CG in me!